I’ve never fallen in love so fast in my life. I mean, we’re talking 1 hour and I was drooling, jaw on the ground, head-over-heels. It helped that I had a former resident guiding me around, soon to be joined by two other former residents. But gaaaah that first afternoon was unforgettable!!! Things I love… Read More Lisboa


After being stuck in the Rio and Casablanca airports for 24 hrs, arriving at the airport in Rome was like arriving at the Tokyo airport after being in Jakarta for 4 months. Everything organized and modern. I hopped on the train and was at my hostel in 30 min! I’ll admit. I had not planned… Read More Roma

Two-faced Rio

There are the Brazilians who think that McDonald’s is a staple food in every American’s diet. There are Brazilians who wear this to see Cristo: There are the Brazilians who offer to give perfect strangers a ride back from Grumari when they are stranded. There are the Brazilians who gawk and follow you around the grocery… Read More Two-faced Rio